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As a professional editor, John Tai possesses a mastery of English, encyclopedic knowledge, and eyes of eagles.

– Dr John T. P. Lai, Associate Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong

John Tai is a professional editor who is helpful and meticulous in his work. His detailed editing has polished my manuscript with clear, succinct and high level of professional English. I would like to recommend him for editing work.

– Dr. Timothy Leung, Associate Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Thanks for being so helpful. My colleague gave generous compliments about your work before. I completely agree with her.

– Dr P.C., Senior Lecturer, Education University of Hong Kong

Your editing is very helpful indeed.

– Dr F.M., Lecturer, University of Hong Kong

I now feel more confident with the version you’ve edited.

– Dr L.J.F., Associate Professor, Education University of Hong Kong

Many thanks for your detailed explanations at various places. Your editing has alleviated my work.

– Dr J.C., Assistant Professor, Hong Kong Baptist University

Thank you for your nice service, which is well appreciated.

– Dr J.Y., Associate Professor and Centre Chief, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Thank you so much for your expertise on English writing which helped a lot on my thesis last year!

– Dr F.Y.T., Postdoctoral Fellow, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


John provided a fabulous service that effectively and professionally edited my college paper for Calvin College. The meticulousness and unique techniques he devoted to my paper had brought about an incredible transformation, and it became one of the keys to my being accepted to my dream college.

– Mr. Jim Luo, Calvin College, U.S.A.

I highly recommend Mr. John Tai as the academic editor for your academic papers and writing. From him I have learnt not only how to be a better writer on my academic papers, but also on how to think more systemically during my writing in general. His services and erudition were irreplaceable throughout my postgraduate studies.

– Ms. Karis Au, Master in Social Science, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

The comments and suggestions from Mr. Tai regarding the grammatical aspects of my final thesis were very helpful. I’ve definitely seen the benefit of letting him go through my manuscript.

– Ms. Yvonne Chan, Hospital Pharmacist of Hong Kong; MSc. in Health Services Management, the Chinese University of Hong Kong

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