Our Services

For All Your Manuscript Needs

Here at the Treatise Craftsmen, we do not just proofread submissions, but rather aim to perform a comprehensive renovation where required to produce high-quality manuscripts that can effectively convey the concepts that our clients present in their writing. We draw on our expertise in various knowledge fields when conducting our editorial reviews of syntax, structure, and style to improve the clarity of texts. The experience that we have with handling different languages also provides for our ability to carry out translations that are precise and authentic. We then format references, footnotes, and citations to ensure that your manuscript fulfils the specifications of the requested style manual. Finally, our additional services offer us extended opportunities to assist you in the process of “crafting ideas.”


Substantive and meticulous

Whether it is performing a thorough review of the organisation and language of manuscripts in copyediting, evaluating the accuracy of their contents through fact-checking, or distilling its key concepts into an abstract, our holistic process strives to enhance the author’s work and refine it into a logically and stylistically sound text.


Authentic conversions

We believe that applying fluent translations informed by linguistic experience to academic manuscripts facilitates the exchange of scholarship across different parts of the world. Equipped with the knowledge of several major languages, we are poised to help texts reach new audiences worldwide.

Additional Services

Face-to-face consultation and more

Our ultimate goal is to advance the development and dissemination of great ideas. Through interaction and collaboration with interested partners, we hope to make full use of opportunities to create avenues outside of the traditional manuscript for great minds to share their thinking with the general public.