Our Process

Confidentiality Guaranteed


We adopt the following procedure for all of our manuscript services (editing, translation, and formatting). For additional services such as media productions, consultations, and other collaborations, please contact us directly.


We treat keeping your research private and confidential with the utmost importance. The manuscripts that you submit for any of our services, including editing, formatting, and translation, are viewed only by the managing editor and associate assigned to your project. All of our editors are bound by an internal data protection and confidentiality clause as part of the agreement that they accept prior to working with us. We assure you that any and all information you provide to us will be kept private and confidential in accordance with these internal guidelines.

Our website provides a secure email address for your submissions, in addition to a Google Hangouts account for Internet calls by appointment, so that we may respond to your enquiries, inform you about company updates, and conduct other communications of the like. At no point will we intentionally disclose your contact information to third parties, and you reserve the option of opting out and unsubscribing from our communications whenever you choose to. We also attempt to ensure that our website remains secure.

Should you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us at TheTreatiseCraftsmen@gmail.com.